• Lallemand has been producing œnological yeast, bacteria, enzymes, and fermentation aids for the past thirty years and is great source of information.

  • Scott Laboratories offers a complete catalogue of winemaking supplies, along with a complete list of filtration, processing, and packageing equipment. They are also the N. American distributor for Lallemand.

  • MoreWine! is a complete winemaking products supplier serving non-professional winemakers of any level, from the complete novice to the most advanced vintner. 

  • MoreWine!Pro is MoreWine's section of the business that is focused specifically on the professional winery.

  • AWRI (Australian Wine Research Institute) is a good source of innovative, new-world winemaking information.

  • ICV Wine Cooperative Institute is a French winemaking research facility that does extensive studies of winemaking techniques, along with discovering and islolating selected œnological yeast and bacteria strains.

  • ETS is a great full-service wine analyses lab.

  • USACM is the US Association of Cider Makers. This is the best source of info on the North American cider industry. Also, the folks who put on CiderCon!

  • ASEV is the American Society for Enology and Viticulture. A tremendous resource for winemaking in the US.